General Park Rules

The following park rules are in effect at all City of Watsonville parks to ensure parks are clean, safe and enjoyable places for all community members to enjoy.

Park Hours are sunrise to sunset (W.M.C. 10-2-15).

City skate park and park users are subject to all City of Watsonville Park and Recreation Facility Rules and Regulations (W.M.C. 10-3.01) Any person riding a skateboard shall yield the right of way to pedestrians in City parks.

Prohibited Acts & Items

The following are prohibited in all City of Watsonville parks:
  • Littering (W.M.C. 5-15.08)
  • Graffiti (W.M.C. 5-41.03)
  • Smoking (W.M.C. 5-37.06)
  • Consumption of alcohol or being under the influence of intoxicating liquor (W.M.C. 10-2.14)
  • Defacing, tampering or removal of park property and buildings (W.M.C. 10-2.02)
  • Motorized vehicles (W.M.C. 10-2.06)
  • Camping, other than in designated areas at Pinto Lake Park (W.M.C. 10-2.11)
  • Jump houses or bounce houses except in designated parks (W.M.C. 10-2.02)
  • Unleased dogs except in designated areas (W.M.C. 6-1.414)
  • Unauthorized advertising (W.M.C. 10-2.17)
  • Unauthorized vending or sales in a park or within 500 feet of the park perimeter (W.M.C. 10-2.17)


Permits are required for:
  • Groups of 20 or more individuals (W.M.C. 10-2.18)
  • Amplified sound (W.M.C. 10-2.16)
For more information about park rules, contact the Parks and Community Services Department at 768-3240.

Other Park Rules

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