Earth Day & Day of the Child  

Earth Day 2023 event header

Earth day 2023 will be a celebration of the earth and a place to inspire our community to preserve its health and well-being for our children and future generations.

With climate change on our doorstep, we will be centering the effects that climate change can have on our community as well as the opportunities and tools our residents can leverage to combat or adapt to the changing conditions.

Our vision is that people will leave with a better understanding of what climate change is, how it affects them on a local level, and feel empowered to take action to slow, reverse, or become more resilient to it.

At the event, local organizations will offer:

  • bilingual education
  • activities, and
  • resources for families addressing different aspects of climate change, climate action, and climate resilience

Attendees will have an opportunity to:

  • Participate in games and activities relating to climate action and climate solutions
  • Learn about local resources to reduce their carbon footprint and become more resilient to climate change
  • Be inspired to take part in our local efforts to make Watsonville more resilient to climate change

Open to everyone & free

This event is family-friendly and free of charge. In order to keep everybody safe, please do not come if you are feeling sick. Otherwise, we hope to see you there!

How to apply for a booth at the event

Applications to booth at this event are no longer being accepted.