Policy and Training

Ofc. Banuelos training

Our goal is to be as open as possible and part of that includes giving you access to our policies and procedures anytime, anywhere.

These policies are essentially the “rules of the road” that the women and men of the Watsonville Police Department follow as they carry out their duties in protecting our community. These include policies that affect law enforcement actions in the field and our responsibilities in administration.

These policies and procedures form the bedrock of how we serve Watsonville. But, it is important to note, that law enforcement situations vary widely often resulting in dangerous scenarios. It is for that reason that our officers must use discretion and good judgment when the policies don’t match a given situation they face.

We hope that by sharing these policies and procedures that you get a better understanding of our goals and our commitment to serve with integrity and fairness to all.

To access our policy manual, please click HERE