WiFi Hotspots

need wifi? Check out a mobile hot spot. Learn more...

Get online anywhere, anytime with WPL's Mobile Wifi Hotspot!

► Need to be 18 years old and have a library card in good standing 
► The Mobile Hotspot can be checked out for 3 weeks
► The Hotspot must be returned in person to the Service Desk of the Main Library
Do not return the Hotspot in the book drop
► Can be placed on hold in the catalog. Need to learn how to place items on hold? This video shows how to

Fines & Fees
Late Fee: $1 per day
Replacement fee if lost/damaged: $90 ($85 + $5 processing fee)
Returned in the BookDrop: $10 fee

Mobile WiFi HotSpot Lending Policy
Mobile WiFi Checkout Agreement Form

Quick Mobile Hot Spot Guide

Franklin T9 End User Instructions - English
Franklin T9 End User Instructions - Spanish

How do I turn on the hotspot?
Press and hold the power button until you see a message that says Welcome on the display.

How do I connect to the hotspot?
Press and release the power button to toggle through the menu options.
The first thing you need is the Wi-Fi Name - it should start with Franklin T9
Search for the WiFi network Franklin T9 on your device and connect to it.
It will ask for the password -  Toggle once more to get the password. (It is different for each device) and enter it on your own device and then click connect. 
You are now ready to surf the internet!

Mobile Hot Spot Troubleshooting FAQ

The internet is really slow....
Try moving the hotspot closer to a window or to a different area of the house, away from metal walls or equipment. 

Should I leave the hotspot plugged in to power all the time?
Please don't - when the hotspot is low on battery, please plug it in to charge it, and once the battery is full, please unplug it from the outlet. 

The screen display isn't working....
1. Charge the battery for 15 minutes and try to turn it on again. If that dosn't work - 
2. Press the power button twice and on the second press hold it for 10 seconds. Wait 15 seconds and then turn it back on. If that still does not work - 
3. You will need to return the device to the library so we can get it repaired.

I'm connected but unable to get any internet service....
Check the display area of the device and check to make sure you have "bars". If there aren't any bars - It may be there is no service in your area, or there is something wrong with the SIM card. Please return the hotspot to the library. 

For additional questions or help, please call the library at 831-768-3404 during open hours