Relevant Documents


  • General Plan Guidelines and Technical Advisories. The Governor's Office of Planning and Research (OPR) provides General Plan Guidelines for the preparation and content of general plans for all cities and counties in California, pursuant to Government Code Section 65040.2. These Guidelines serves as the “how to” resource for drafting a general plan.
  • Environmental Justice Element(June 2020). This document contains guidelines for preparing an EJ Element. This document includes:
    • A brief history of Environmental Justice (EJ) in California;
    • A summary of Senate Bill 1000 (Leyva, 2016), which established EJ requirements for general plans under Government Code Section 65302(h); and 
    • A summary of the regulatory and policy context related to EJ;
    • Guidance for determining whether an EJ element or equivalent is required in a local jurisdiction, including identifying the location of disadvantaged communities (as defined in Gov. Code, § 65302, subd. (h)(4)(A)) as well as the nature of their environmental burdens, health risks, and needs;
    • Guidance for community engagement when addressing EJ and disadvantaged communities; and
    • Guidance for developing EJ goals, policies, and programs that address the unique and compounded health risks in disadvantaged communities and prioritize improvements and programs that meet the needs of disadvantaged communities.

Existing Conditions & General Plan

  • Draft Existing Conditions Report (November 2020). This document provides a general background on environmental justice and an overview of existing conditions in Watsonville pertaining to EJ topic areas. This document is intended to help select objectives and policies the City will pursue to achieve environmental justice.
  • Watsonville 2005 General Plan (1994). The purpose of the General Plan is to build a livable city which has at it core the goal of enhancing the quality of life of all residents.