Ad Hoc Committee Reports

FInal Report

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As part of the City of Watsonville’s Ad Hoc Committee on Policing and Social Equity commitment to transparency and inclusion, a detailed 224-page report on the community’s perspectives on policing and equity is now available online. 

The report includes data collected from mailed surveys to Watsonville residents and online and in-person community meetings. 

The Committee is reviewing the findings and will make its final recommendations on how the Watsonville Police Department and the City of Watsonville can best meet the needs of the community. The committee is expected to finalize the draft of their report to the City Council at the end of this month. 

The Ad Hoc Committee Members, since the beginning of their process, were committed to include a broad range of community voices to inform and help shape their final recommendations to the City Council.  

The surveys and community meetings focused on collecting input on the following four areas: 

  1. Programs or services that would benefit Watsonville residents

  2. Making Watsonville a safer community 

  3. Opportunities to make community policing more effective

  4. Resident experience with the Watsonville Police Department 

The City of Watsonville mailed paper surveys to nearly 14,000 Watsonville residents and held 10 community meetings. The Watsonville Police Department also mailed more than 1,000 surveys to residents in neighborhoods with a high volume of 9-1-1 calls. City staff and volunteers attended three Friday Farmers Markets and gathered nearly 100 surveys.