City Manager

City Manager - Rene Mendez

René Mendez, City Manager

275 Main St., Suite 400 (4th Floor)

Watsonville, CA 95076


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City Managers implement municipal policy, supervising the day-to-day operations of all city departments and staff. They act as liaisons between the residents and the government, meeting with citizens, and local businesses alike. They attend all City Council meetings. They hire personnel, develop fiscal plans, regulate building activities, and maintain a unique understanding of how all city operations function together. Working with other City Managers they tackle cross-jurisdictional issues that effect entire regions of the state.

Citywide Fiber Optic Cable Project

For information on the City's fiber optic cable project, please contact Brandon Gill, I.T. Director at 831-768-3441

Biennial Budget

You can stop by the City Clerks office or the library to view a hard copy of the budget document or purchase a complete set.