2022 Photography Contest

Congratulations to our winning entries

Our judges have determined the winners of the 2022 Photography Contest. 

Due to a limited number of entries, the judges, in concert with the library, decided to combine the middle and high school groups.

Winning Entries

✨ Elementary - Sunny the Monarch by Ruby Montes-Alvarado
✨ Middle & High School - We Are Watsonville by Elizabeth Ramirez
✨ Adult - Father Time by Vick Tamayo

Elementary: Sunny the Monarch by R. Montes-Alvarado

photograph of a monarch butterfly sculpture with tile

Middle & High School: We Are Watsonville by E. Ramirez

photograph of long tile murals on the side of a building

Adult: Father Time by V. Tamayo

photograph of two older men sitting

Honorable Mentions

✨ Rare Beauty Deserves Rare Beauty by Jaqueline Lobo
✨ Man and Cane by Cesar Martin
✨ Orgulloso De La Cultura by Joey Rodriguez Ontiveros

Rare Beauty Deserves Rare Beauty by J. Lobo

photograph of a sunflower

Man and Cane by C. Martin

light wooden cane on a park bench next to an elderly mans hand

Orgulloso De La Cultura by J. Rodriguez Ontiveros

woman posed and looking back with car and mural in background

The judges for the 2022 Photography Contest

Kara Capaldo of Kara Capaldo Photography

Danny Quijano of Danny Quijano Photography

Kevin Lohman of Kevin Lohman Photography