Art Work for the Donor Wall

Local Artist

A donor wall featuring a public art piece has been designed by local artist James Carl Aschbacher. In addition to presenting a beautiful piece of art work, the piece incorporates the names of donors. The artist and a portion of the art piece are shown below.
James Carl Aschbacher

Contributors to the Freedom Branch Library Donor Wall Project

Thanks to all contributors for their generosity in supporting the Freedom Branch Library project.

Collector's Circle

  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Freedom Lions Club
  • Freedom Rotary Club

Author's Circle

  • Friends of the Watsonville Library
  • Tila and Joe Guerrero

Reader's Circle

  • Lorraine Jobst
  • Christian and Gregory Heitzig
  • John and Megan Martinelli
  • Loren and Claudia Grossi
  • Florence R. Wyckoff
  • Dennis Joel and Karen Theriot Reader
  • Harold and Persis Hyde
  • Camille M. Irving
  • Marcela Tavantzis
  • Diane M. Robey
  • Má Mac - McDonald's Watsonville
  • Veva June Schlick
  • Watsonville Woman's Club
  • M. McQuade, Grandparent's Day founder
  • Joe L. McQuade
  • Laurie R. King
  • Memory of Gilbert Rosgen-Schwennes

  • Mona L. Beaver
  • Richard C. Beaver
  • Friends of Freedom Branch Library
  • David and Frances Delfino and Sons
  • Geraldine C. Shelley
  • Aniceto and Mary Casillas and Families
  • The Newton Wiley Family
  • Rafael, Marí and Rosa Ramí Ló
  • Roger, Nancy Brian and Karen Wong
  • Kiwanis Club of Watsonville
  • In Memory of Hiroshi Shikuma
  • In Honor of Majorie Dial, Teacher
  • Carlos and Esther Palacios
  • In Memory of Tom and Liz Washington
  • In Honor of Zarani and Fiel Barrow
  • Heidi Gottfried
  • Elias Alonzo