Child Car Seat Inspections

Child safety seat inspections are available by appointment only with our certified technician. To schedule an appointment submit your request at least two weeks in advance.

Inspection Overview

Inspections take approximately 30-60 minutes per child, depending on the seat and the vehicle. The technician will show the parent/caregiver how to install the seat correctly and then the parent/caregiver will do the final installation. During the inspection you will be shown how to properly secure the child in the safety seat and the technician will review child safety information.
Child Seat

Appointment Requirements

What to bring to your appointment:
  • Your vehicle
  • The child in the car seat you are currently using and the manual for the seat
  • For expectant parents, please bring the car seat and manuals out of the box
  • The manual for your vehicle
  • Another adult to watch your child/children during the inspection. The technician will be reviewing safety information along with proper seat placement where the parent/guardian will need to install the seat