Neighborhood Development

The Neighborhood Development Program is a plan in which a neighborhood is selected to receive intensified City services. The selection process includes studies that analyses crime rates, code enforcement issues, youth population under the age of 18, housing stock, poverty levels and lack of awareness of resources to correct recognized issues. With input and ideas from the neighborhood stakeholders, Neighborhood Services develops a neighborhood action plan which is a series of recommendations for actions to address the problems in the area. The City then contributes through efforts that include, community policing strategies, code enforcement, community leadership development workshops and neighborhood strengthening events. Grass root outreach strategies are implemented in order to encourage trust amongst residents and develop stronger relations between neighborhoods and local government.

In May 2012, staff received input and approval from the Commission and City Council for the relocation of the Neighborhood Services Division to the Parks and Community Services Department office space located at 231 Union Street for the provision of services to the Downtown Study Area 6 for a period of six years.

The Neighborhood Services Division is currently providing focused neighborhood development that will increase awareness and participation in the community. The goal is to work side by side with residents; build relationships and trust; identify and address neighborhood issues, concerns and prioritize those concerns; and create awareness and make city services accessible in order to promote a healthy and safe community.

Downtown Study Area 6 is the fourth targeted area for Neighborhood Services which is unique and different than the previous locations. Downtown Study Area 6 is composed of residential housing, businesses, educational institutions and social human service providers that play a key role in the implementation of the proposed neighborhood development plan.

Map of Downtown Study Area 6 (PDF)