Business Organics Collection

CaliforSB 1383 goal nia Senate Bill (SB) 1383 and California Assembly Bill (AB) 1826  require all businesses and multi-family dwellings that generate two or more cubic yards of garbage per week to recycle their organic waste (food and green yard waste). These laws include schools, hospitals, stores, restaurants, for-profit or nonprofit organizations, and residential dwellings with 5+ units. These new requirements will help California reduce organic waste disposal by 75% by 2025 by recycling the green material.

Please contact our Solid Waste Division Customer Service line at 831-768-3133 to enroll your businesses in the program.

Commercial Organics Organics DiMinimus and Physical Space Waivers
There are two types of waivers that commercial businesses and multi-family complexes can apply for: the de minimis and physical space waivers. 

  • DeMinimus Waiver - If your business makes over 2 yards of trash/recycle a week but under 20 gallons of organics, or under 2 yards of trash/recycle a week but under 10 gallons of organics a week, you may apply.
  • Physical Space Waiver - If your commercial business has definite physical space limitations you may apply. Each waiver requires inspection and approval by the City of Watsonville. 

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Commercial Organics Service Waivers

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 What are the Benefits of Recycling Commercial Food Scraps?

Green Waste (1)Reduce materials that go to landfill
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Conserve resources
  • Produce renewable energy and fuel
  • Increase production of compost and mulch in accordance with California Assembly Bill (AB) 32
  • Model Environmental Business Commitment