Garbage Services

Cart Placement
The City of Watsonville provides curbside collection of recycling, garbage and yard waste for residential and commercial properties which include single family homes, mixed use properties and multifamily dwellings. Garbage and recyclables are collected from over 11,000 homes and businesses each week. These efforts are to meet mandated diversion goals established by the State of California.

To Start Garbage Services

To start utility services including garbage call (831) 768-3455.

Customers who need garbage services can order a container by calling customer service (831) 768-3133.

General Collection Guidelines

  • Cart wheels should touch the curb and handles facing your house.
  • Leave 3 feet of clearance on all sides of your carts (signs, poles, cars, etc.).
  • Set your cart out the night before. Garbage and recycling service starts at 4:30 a.m.

Container Sizes & Options

The city charges less for smaller garbage cans but there is no charge for exchanging your cart sizes. However, please be aware that fees vary per cart size. In addition, a 95 gallon recycling cart is also provided to each household at no additional charge. (The more you recycle, the smaller the garbage cart you will need, and the less you will pay.)

Choose the size of container that is right for you:

  • 32 Gallon Cart-Equal to 1 can
  • 68 Gallon Cart - Equal to 2 cans
  • 95 Gallon Cart - Equal to 3 cans

We Can Help

Report a problem - missed service, illegal dumping, container repair, or general questions? Call Customer Service 831-768-3133 or visit the Customer Service page.

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