Stormwater Regulations

The City of Watsonville enacted new post construction requirements for managing storm runoff from new development and redevelopment projects. The new regulations closely follow the requirements adopted by the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Board on 2013-07-12.
City Ordinance and State and Federal regulations require construction site stormwater management also known as erosion control. The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Construction Best Management Practices Handbook provides resources for developers, architects and engineers as well as contractors.

The handbook provides information on the following Construction Best Management Practices: Construction site planning and management, vehicle tracking and dust control, erosion and sediment control, non-stormwater and water/material management.

A new Erosion and Sediment Control Plan is now required for all building and grading permits where a soil disturbance will be created (there is no minimum project size.) This is all part of a State reporting requirement that the City of Watsonville must report on. Below is a link to the Erosion and Sediment Control Plan (ESCP) that must be filled out.

Stormwater Illustration