Water Quality

Watsonville's Safe Drinking Water

The City of Watsonville is proud to provide safe and healthy drinking water to our customers at the lowest rates in the region. Watsonville's tap water has always met State and Federal drinking water standards and will continue to do so. Our tap water is regulated by the State and Federal government to ensure that your drinking water meets all the standards for drinking water safety. The City of Watsonville constantly tests water quality before delivering it your home or business.

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Watsonville's tap water is more strictly regulated and more affordable than bottled water. The City of Watsonville provides clean, potable water on demand for just a penny per gallon.

Drinking Water Quality Reports

The City has instituted a comprehensive water quality-monitoring program. This program ensures all of our customers receive water that is in compliance with all regulatory criteria and that no maximum contaminant levels (MCLs) or maximum contaminant level goals (MCLGs) for regulated chemicals, bacteria, or pollutants are exceeded.

The City of Watsonville is proud to report that the water provided by our Utilities Department met all Federal and State standards for drinking water during 2022.