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Wastewater spiraling down the drains from your home and work will travel miles to get to the City's Wastewater Treatment Plant. Our Wastewater Collection Maintenance team works hard to ensure that the 150+ miles of sewer pipes are cleaned for the journey that continues after dishwashing, showering, brushing teeth and toilet flushing. Caring for these pipes involves science, technology, and committed City employees.

It is crucial that these pipes are kept clean and clear to prevent overflows causing a mess for residents or neighborhoods and eventually harming the environment. Sewer pipes are made to hold only wastewater from homes and businesses.

To report sewer problems that are part of the City maintained sewer main, please call the Customer Service Division at 768-3133 and a technician will be sent out to help investigate the problem.

For after hours, please call Police Dispatch (the non-police emergency number) at 471-1151 and a technician will be sent out. If the technician determines that the blockage is in the City maintained sewer main, a crew will be sent out to fix the problem.

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These tips help prevent sewer overflows:
  • Kitchen grease is a leading cause of blockages in residential sewer lines. Never pour grease down the drain. Use a coffee can with a lid to collect cooking grease, freeze it, and dispose of it in the trash.
  • Know what can and can't be flushed down the sewer. Products are often advertised as flushable, even though they are not. Hair, dental floss, birth control of any kind, food waste, medications, gloves, rags and clothing, wipes, and diapers are all items that damage sewer lines and sewer lift station equipment.
  • Tree roots are another common source of clogs. Do not plant tall hedges or trees near sewer lines. Roots can cause structural damage to sewer pipes, infiltrate a house lateral sewer line and cause a blockage. One of the best ways to prevent this is to schedule regular cleaning of your sewer lateral by a professional plumbing service.