How do I make a request?
Come in or call to the Information/Reference Desk at either branch. With the information you provide, a librarian makes sure that the exact item you want is able to be requested and fills out a request form.

Your account shows that the request has been placed and when it is ready for pickup. We urge Watsonville Public Library patrons to pick up the material as soon as possible and begin using the material immediately. Access your library account.

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1. Does it cost to use the ILL service?
2. What if the ILL item I borrowed is damaged or lost?
3. How do I make a request?
4. How do I return the item?
5. How do I know that my request is in process?
6. How long does it take for the item to arrive?
7. How many ILL requests can I make?
8. How will I know the item has arrived? Where do I pick it up?
9. I need more information. Who can I talk with?
10. I still need the item. Can I renew it?
11. What can I request?
12. What do I need to make an ILL request?
13. What is the philosophy of Interlibrary Loan (ILL)?
14. What is WorldCat?
15. Why is the check-out period (so short) (so long) (not three weeks)?
16. Why is there a yellow paper band wrapped around the item?