What can I request?
A wide range of materials is available to borrow through ILL. ILL staff makes every effort to fulfill requests but not all requests can be obtained. Some materials are difficult to get such as DVDs, CDs, videos, audio books, microfilm and magazines. Reference material and items published within the last 18 months cannot be borrowed. If you order a book series and want to read them one by one, you are best served by placing a request for the next item in the series when you receive the first one (or part way through depending on your reading style). Watsonville Public Library has no control over when the material arrives.

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1. Does it cost to use the ILL service?
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3. How do I make a request?
4. How do I return the item?
5. How do I know that my request is in process?
6. How long does it take for the item to arrive?
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9. I need more information. Who can I talk with?
10. I still need the item. Can I renew it?
11. What can I request?
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13. What is the philosophy of Interlibrary Loan (ILL)?
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15. Why is the check-out period (so short) (so long) (not three weeks)?
16. Why is there a yellow paper band wrapped around the item?