Will our water supply be ok once we get good winter rains?
No. We have serious local water problems. In the Pajaro Valley, the water source for both agriculture and urban users is groundwater. Rainwater seeps into the ground and is stored in the aquifer– a naturally-occurring water source in the layers of rock, sand and gravel deep underground. However, even before this drought, water users in the Pajaro Valley were pumping out more water from the aquifer than is replaced by rainfall even in very rainy years. This means the water level in the aquifer is dropping and is now below sea level in much of the Valley. As a result, salty ocean water has seeped into the aquifer and wells along the coast are now unusable. This overdraft was first identified over 50 years ago. The City works closely with the Pajaro Valley Water Management Agency and supports their Basin Management Plan. This Plan identifies specific local projects that, once built, are designed to eventually stop the overdraft and the intrusion of salt water into our aquifer. For more information please call 831-768-3100.

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