Is boating or kayaking allowed in the sloughs?

Although the City does not prohibit boating in the sloughs, it discourages it in order to protect the wetland habitat and its wildlife. 

Reasons include:

  • Over 20 endangered or threatened species live here, and hundreds of species of birds utilize the wetlands as a food source and/or nesting site.
  • Migratory water fowl raise their young here and some make floating nests.
  • The generally shallow sloughs vary in depth and sections have high aquatic plant density that can create problems for boaters.
  • There is very limited access to park and reach the water with your boat that will not trample plant and wildlife habitat.
  • The City does not have the resources to assist boaters if anything goes wrong.

Note: For sections of the wetlands on the west side of the highway, the public must obtain permission from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to enter.

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