When will this ordinance go into effect?

Each component of this ordinance goes into effect as follows: 

 August 8, 2019

○ Prohibited sales and use of plastic foam (Styrofoam) products. This includes all food service ware, as well as coolers, containers, ice chests, shipping boxes, pool or beach toys, packing peanuts or other packaging materials, etc. 

 Jan 1, 2020

○ Prohibited use and distribution of straws, unless specifically requested. No straws provided shall be wrapped in plastic. 

Jan 1, 2022

○ All disposable food-service ware (take-out and dine-in) is required to be compostable and clearly labeled with the BPI compostable logo (as defined by ASTM standards). 

○ Self-bussing food service vendors must provide three color-coded bins clearly labeled for food scraps  (green), recyclables (blue), and garbage (black). 

○ Required $0.10 customer charge for single-use cups to encourage the use of reusable cups and bottles. Customers with EBT and WIC cards are exempt from the charge. 

○ Charges for single-use cups shall be clearly identified pre-sale for the customer on any ordering platforms and identified separately on any post-sale receipt. 

○ The $0.10 customer disposable cup charge goes directly back to the business 

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1. When will this ordinance go into effect?
2. What types of compostables food-service ware products are accepted?
3. What food-service ware products are not allowed?
4. Where can businesses purchase acceptable compostable foodware in Watsonville?
5. Does this ordinance apply to food trucks, farmers’ markets, or events
6. Where should compostable packaging be disposed of?
7. Should I throw compostable foodservice ware into the food scrap, recycling, or trash bin for disposal?
8. Where does the $0.10 customer charge for a disposable cup go?
9. Why will businesses be charging a $0.10 customer charge for disposable cups?
10. Does the City get any money for the customer cup charge?
11. To avoid the $0.10 cup charge, can customers use their own reusable cups for any type of beverage?
12. Is anyone exempt from the $0.10 customer cup charge?
13. Are customers allowed to use their own reusable containers for drinks and food?
14. Who will be enforcing this new ordinance? Will there be penalties for non-compliant businesses?
15. Who can I contact about help getting the three-bin waste stream system set up at my business?
16. If I have more questions about this ordinance, who can I talk to to learn more?
17. What do I do with extra garbage?
18. How do I order business waste service?
19. What is my organics/trash/recycle service schedule?
20. What are the rules of the Watsonville single use bag ordinance?