How do I renew my MWH permit?

To renew your City of Watsonville MWH discharge permit, Use this link to the MWH discharge permit renewal form. Return the completed form with the required documentation to Source Control before the expiration of the current permit in order to keep the gate code active.

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1. I’m a mobile waste hauler and want to discharge at the City of Watsonville Wastewater Treatment Facility. How do I start?
2. How much is the MWH Permit application fee?
3. How quickly can I get my MWH discharge permit?
4. What types of waste does the facility accept and what are the rates?
5. Other than the permit, what else is expected of me when I discharge at the receiving stations?
6. What are the hours for the facility? Is it also open on the weekends?
7. How do I renew my MWH permit?