What form of payment will the City accept?

The City will only accept payment by certified check, cashier’s check, or money order made payable to The City of Watsonville.

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1. Is there a limit on the number of facilities allowed in the City?
2. How many permits are available at this time?
3. Do I need to make an appointment to submit my application?
4. What form of payment will the City accept?
5. Where do I mail my completed application?
6. I do not want to send my application through the mail. Is there a more secure way to submit my application?
7. Are there separation requirements for cannabis facilities from residential and other uses?
8. How do I find out if a potential business location meets the ordinance requirements?
9. Is there a map showing potentially eligible sites?
10. What is the application process for a cannabis facility?
11. Can I apply for a cannabis permit at anytime?
12. Do all owners, managers and employees need a criminal background check?
13. How is the background check conducted?
14. Do all owners, managers and employees need to obtain an identification badge?
15. What is involved with a Live Scan criminal history check?
16. How do I obtain an identification badge?
17. What are the fees to apply for a Cannabis Use Permit?
18. What is an equity applicant?
19. How do I find out if I qualify as an equity applicant?
20. What benefits will the City provide to equity applicants?
21. Can I sell my cannabis use permit to another business?
22. I am considering bringing on additional investors. Do I need to contact the City?
23. I have an existing cannabis cultivation business in the City. What permit do I need to expand my cultivation area?
24. I have an existing cultivation and/or manufacturing business in the City and I want to apply for a non-storefront delivery permit. What do I need to do?
25. I want to apply for multiple permits during the application period. Do I have to pay separate permit fees for each type of permit?