Why are we collecting food scraps now?

The State of California set a goal to reduce 75% of the organic waste (food scraps and yard waste) sent to the landfill by 2025. This goal will help us reduce the number of greenhouse gases emitted by food rotting in landfills. Instead, the food scraps will be transformed into compost.  

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1. Why are we collecting food scraps now?
2. Do we have to pay for the new organic/food scrap service?
3. How will we be receiving our green carts and when will we start putting our food and yard waste in the green bin?
4. I have a green yard waste bin — can I start putting food scraps in it now?
5. How often will my green organics cart be picked up?
6. What types of food scraps are accepted in my green organics bin?
7. What can't I put in my green organics bin?
8. What happens to my food scraps and yard waste after they are collected?
9. Can I bag my organics before putting them in the bin?
10. Do I need to wash my outdoor cart?
11. How should I collect food scraps in my kitchen?
12. How do I keep smells and animals away from my cart?
13. What if my green organics cart breaks or does not close?
14. Whom can I contact if I have additional questions?