Form Center

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  1. Alarm System Registration

    Complete this form to register your alarm system in the City of Watsonville.

  2. Fire Cadet Application

    Application to apply to be a Fire Cadet with the Watsonville Fire Department.

  3. Fire Hazard or Fire Safety Concern Reporting Form

    This form is to report a fire hazard or concern at a business or property.

  4. Fire Report Request

    Request for a fire incident report.

  5. Public Education Request

    A request to visit the fire station or have firefighters visit your location/event.

  1. Child Passenger Safety Inspection Request

    Request to inspect a car seat/booster.

  2. Fire Department Ride-Along Request

    Request to ride along on a fire engine/truck with the Watsonville Fire Department.

  3. Fire Museum Tour Request

    Request to schedule a fire museum tour.

  4. Paramedic Sponsorship Program Interest Card

    Interest Card for Watsonville Fire Department Paramedic Sponsorship Program

  5. Watsonville Fire Youth Academy Application - Summer 2023

    Application for the Watsonville Fire Department Summer 2023 Youth Academy.