Success Stories

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Business Success

Entrepreneurs are finding new ways to grow right here in the heart of California's Central Coast. A business-friendly government and a skilled workforce makes Watsonville a great place for businesses to put down roots and grow. We think we are the right town for you to find a home on the beautiful Monterey Bay. We have the right building, land or office space for most businesses and we are here to help!

Diverse Economy

Watsonville's history is rich in agriculture and food processing, but the economy of this City is constantly diversifying and growing. Plant growers and scientists are inventing new berry varieties and growing methods every day. Non-agricultural sectors have grown to include design, materials, manufacturing, electronics and service firms. Some of the most innovative materials and design firms in California are headquartered right here in Watsonville. To find out more about how to grow and thrive in Watsonville, call 831-768-3010.