Community Services

The community services bureau falls under the operations division. Within the community services bureau resides the community policing program, the traffic unit, the gang unit, school resource officers, the parking enforcement program and the abandoned vehicle program.

Community Policing Program

The goal for our community policing program is to strengthen the partnership with the community through education and problem solving that builds open communication, trust and public safety.
Officer Lopez with residents

Traffic Unit

The traffic unit has a sergeant and four officers who concentrate on traffic enforcement and accident investigation.

Gang Unit

The gang unit has a sergeant and two officers who work in the area of street gang suppression and gang case investigation.

School Resource Officers

There are three school resource officers who are based at Watsonville High School, Pajaro Valley High School and Rolling Hills Middle School. The school resource officers work closely with their school administrators on issues surrounding the safety and security of the students and faculty at the school. They also investigate crimes that occur on the school campus.

Parking Enforcement Program

The Watsonville Police parking enforcement program has four full time civilian employees. The parking control officers work in the field enforcing parking rules and regulations in the City owned parking lots, private parking lots and city streets. A civilian Police Service Specialist (PSS) responds and investigates abandoned vehicle complaints on the city streets and private property. The PSS will tag the suspected abandoned vehicle and then return after three days to insure the vehicle has been moved or will cause the vehicle to be towed.
Officer Tol at scene of car accident
Parking Patrol Unit