1962 Harley Davidson Servi-Car

In late 2009, the Watsonville Police Department (WPD) completed a 2-year restoration of their original 1962 Harley Davidson "Servi-Car" Police Motorcycle. The vehicle is known to the members of the WPD as the "Three Wheeler." The bike was purchased new in 1961 and was primarily used for parking enforcement by the "Meter Maid" of the time.

In the late 1970s the Three Wheeler was retired and placed into storage. In the 1980s the Three Wheeler was going to be put into a City surplus auction and sold. At the last minute it was decided to keep the Three Wheeler and it was saved from the auction block. The Three Wheeler is normally used a few times a year for traffic control during parades and our annual air show.


In 2008 Master Officer Robert Leonardich oversaw the restoration, that started with the bike being striped to the frame and the motor taken apart. The work involved members of the department and community. Local businesses and private citizen's also took part in donating parts and labor.

Parades & Car Shows

Now, more than ever, the Three Wheeler is used and displayed in a number of parades and car/motorcycle shows by department members. The Servi-Car was produced by Harley Davidson from 1932 to 1973 and, in its day, was commonly used by many police agencies. Sadly, Servi-Cars were not preserved with many ending up in junk yards or sold for scrap metal. There were few changes to the vehicle during its run. The motorcycle was developed to be used as a service and tow vehicle. It then evolved into a delivery and police vehicle.

Technical Information

1962 Harley Davidson "Servi-Car" has a 45 cubic inch flat head, V-Twin motor. It has three speeds forward and one speed reverse transmission with a foot actuated clutch. The motor does not have an electric starter and must be kick started. The Three Wheeler is still equipped as an emergency vehicle with its red light and mechanical siren. All the patrol equipment is operational, even the Motorola Mototrac two way radio.

In its first ever competition, the WPD Servi-Car was awarded the "Chief's Choice Award" at the 2009 Ripon and Menlo Park Police Emergency Vehicle Show.