Pilot Information

WVI Basic Pilot data
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163 feet MSL

Pattern Altitude

1200 feet MSL

Runway Information

  • Runway 20 is designated calm wind runway
  • Runway 2-20 is 4501′ x 150 feet; VASI-L and MIRLs. Runway 2 REIL
  • Runway 9-27 is 3999′ x 100 feet; no lighting; Runway 9/27 is preferred if coastal stratus over Runway 2-20
  • LEFT Traffic ALL Runways. Runway 2/20 PCL 
  • RECOMMEND "Downwind" segment is extended when an aircraft announces "Straight-in" approach


CTAF/Unicom 122.80

ASOS 132.275, 

NorCal (Clearances) 127.15, 

Oakland Radio (opening/closing flight plans) 122.5

Full Service

  • Airport staffed weekly 0900 to 1700; full service provided during these hours.
  • 24 Hour Self Service Fuel Island
    • Pilots consult approach/departure notes for additional information
  • Late or early arrivals/departures requiring full fuel service should call to confirm service

Administrative Offices Hours

Open Monday - Thursday 0900 to 1700

Offices and Terminal closed City Holidays

Phone Numbers

ASOS: 831-724-8794

Airport Office: 831-768-3575

Airport Operations 831-768-3585

 Oakland FSS: 800-WX BRIEF


Overnight tie-down: $10/single; $15/piston twin; $30/Helicopters, TurboProp and Jets