Restricted Overflight Zones

Please note that Watsonville Airport is near wildlife sensitive areas.

Airport Management requests pilots fly safely and adhere to sea bird protection policies.

Please refer to the chart at the lower right of this page.
Sea Birds on Rocks
Direct flyovers or multiple passes over sensitive wildlife can harm both pilots and wildlife. Areas along the California coast require that you maintain a minimum of 1,000′ AGL. These over flight restrictions are required by NOAA regulations and pertain to all aircraft, including both rotary-wing and fixed-wing aircraft.

October 2012 Update
Recently, overflight prohibition zones within West Coast National Marine Sanctuaries have been added to the FAA’s Sectional Raster Aeronautical Charts. To facilitate the spread of this information, the Sanctuaries have prepared a letter, a summary of agency regulations and answers to the most frequently asked questions as a resource for airport managers and pilots. 

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