About Community Development

Downtown Watsonville Specific Plan

The City of Watsonville initiated a Specific Plan for downtown Watsonville.  This planning effort will build on the historic origins of the area while establishing a clear vision for the future of downtown Watsonville. 

The Department

The Community Development Department is one of ten City departments. Its functions include activities related to development services and long-range community planning. The Department is responsible for the review of development and building activity to ensure compliance with zoning and building codes, General Plan policies, the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), and community values. 

The Department assists the community in establishing land use plans, affordable housing, and ensures the quality of new projects through the development review process. The hub of the Department is the public counter, which provides all development-related services in one location including planning permits, building permits, building inspections, plan checking, and business licenses. The Department staffs the Planning Commission and Minor Land Division Committee. The following divisions comprise the Department:

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Front Counter at the Planning Division