Abandoned Vehicle Program

You can report an Abandoned Vehicle by calling 831-837-7534.

Required Information

If reporting an Abandoned Vehicle, please be prepared to provide the following information on the abandoned vehicle:

  • Color
  • License plate number
  • Location
  • Make and model
Abandoned Vehicle

72 Hour Tag

Abandoned vehicles will be "tagged" with a yellow notice advising the owner(s) of the vehicle to move the vehicle or it will be towed. After the 72-hour waiting period has passed, and if the vehicle has not been sufficiently moved, the vehicle will be towed as an abandoned vehicle. There are certain provisions in the law that allow the Police Department to remove vehicles immediately which are obviously inoperable.

The decision to tow immediately or wait the 72 hours is left to the discretion of the officer in charge of abandoned vehicles. Although the state law allows for a time period of 72 hours in order for the car to be towed after being tagged, it is likely that it may take at least two weeks for the car to be towed due to time constraints and other duties of the officer.