Alarm Information

The City of Watsonville requires that you register your residential and commercial security alarms with the Watsonville Police Department (Watsonville Municipal Code 4-9.303). In order to register your security alarm with the Watsonville Police Department, you must fill out a Registration Form (PDF) and return it to the police department.


  • Registration is $78
  • Renewals are $51 payable by July 1st of each year
  • False Security Alarm Fee $96 (after one false alarm in any calendar year)

False Alarm Fees

The prevention of false alarms will depend upon the participation of residents, commercial businesses, and individual alarm companies. Watsonville Police Department cannot prevent false alarms without your assistance. Consider your responsibility in preventing false alarms.

If there is more than one false alarm within any 365-day period, the following fees shall be imposed:

  • Second false alarm and subsequent false alarms within 365 days: $96 per occurrence (Watsonville Municipal Code 4-9.306)

Alarm Testing

An owner or lessee of an alarm system shall notify dispatch at 471-1151 prior to any service, test, repair, maintenance, adjustment, alteration, or installation which might activate a false alarm and result in a Police or Fire Department response.

Automatic Shut-Off Requirements

All audible alarm systems shall be equipped with a device that will automatically reset the audible alarm within 15 minutes after the audible alarm activation (Watsonville Municipal Code 4-9.305).

Revocation of Registration

The Watsonville Police Department may revoke any security alarm system registration if it does not meet the standards/provisions listed above.