Friends of the Library

Our Mission

Our mission is to support the Watsonville Public Library by creating public awareness of the library through community engagement; to financially support library programs and services through membership drives, sales from it's book store, and community fundraisers; and to advocate with community leaders for support of the library. 

Ways to Support the Watsonville Friends of the Library

Please join us in helping to continue to provide the materials and programs that make our Watsonville Public Library an outstanding community service. 

♦   Join the Friends of the Library

♦   Volunteer with the Friends of the Library 

♦   Make a Donation to the Library

woman volunteer setting items into the friends of the library bookstore

Our Story

The Friends of the Watsonville Public Library is a non-profit organization, founded in 1969, dedicated to supporting the Watsonville Library by raising money and promoting public awareness  of library services. The Friends believe that our library is a repository of the Pajaro Valley culture and continues to be our best guarantee of an informed community. 

As a group, the Friends is a coalition of book lovers, education, and literacy advocates and community members who support the Watsonville Public Library. The Friends provide opportunities for the community to invest in their public library through donations of time, money, and books. Each year, thousands of patrons of all ages are helped through the support of the Friend s of the Watsonville Library. Those helped include young children learning to value reading with the help from the Summer Reading Program; teens needing a positive after-school environment; the un-employed building job skills; and others reaching across language and cultural barriers through our Literacy Program. Yes, a lot more than borrowing books goes on at our Library. There is one place in Watsonville where everyone congregates equally - the Watsonville Public Library. 

Current President: Carol Heitzig

Webmaster: Eva Nottage