Post Incident Team (PIT)

The Post Incident Team (PIT) was launched in June 2008 by the Police Department in collaboration with the Neighborhood Services Division to help suppress violence in Watsonville's neighborhoods. The PIT is composed of police and neighborhood leaders who are brought together soon after a serious incident has occurred, such as a shooting, stabbing, homicide, fire, etc.


With proper briefing from the police, the PIT is strategically sent out to the neighborhood in crisis in an effort to help calm fears, quell rumors, prevent retaliation and disseminate information about counseling or other social services. Sometimes helpful information is gained about a particular concern or need in the neighborhood which may or may not be related to the incident.
PIT Team Photo


This program is a true reflection of neighbors extending their pure and authentic concern and caring for each other in a time of need.

For more information or to volunteer as a PIT member, contact Patricia Mata at 831-768-3312 or