Watsonville Airport Advisory Committee

The Watsonville Airport Advisory Committee (WAAC) consists of 7 members who are appointed by the City Manager.

WAAC is an aviation specific advisory body tasked to make recommendations to the City Manager on issues that include: (1) review of Airport Master Plan,  (2) Airport Capital Improvement planning, alternative financing sources and coordination with other government agencies, (3) Rates and Charges, (4) Policies to ensure economic viability and (5) Noise Abatement.

WAAC's commitment regarding Overflights and consideration for peace and quiet to the City, Community and County.

Please call 831-768-3575 for more information or email committee members. 

Agendas & Minutes

Effective December 15, 2020, the City will be using a new software for Agenda Management. The most current meeting are listed below.

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WAAC Members

Term Expires

Theresa Byers
(Representing Monterey Bay Ninety-Nines)
July 2025
Larry Lease
(Representing Business Community)
January 2024
Thomas Dienwiebel
(Representing Watsonville Pilots Association)
January 2025 
Dave Guerrieri
(Representing on field Aviation Business Community)
July 2025
Mercedes Eulitt
(Representing Airport Influence Area Residents residing in City)
July 2023
Glen Ceresa (Acting Chair)
(Representing Airport Influence Area Residents residing in County)
January 2024

Scott Randolph (Representing Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter #119)   

January 2024