Mello Center Joint Powers Authority

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City of Watsonville Representatives:

  • Ari Parker, City Council Member - District 7 – Vice Chair (Term ends May 2023)
  • Lowell Hurst, City Council Member - District 3 (Term ends May 2022) 
  • Cindy Czerwin, Administrative Services Director (Term ends May 2022) 

Pájaro Valley Unified School District Representatives:

  • Daniel Dodge Jr., Trustee Area IV - Chair (Term ends May 2023) 
  • Clara Fernandez, Watsonville High School Principal (Term ends May 2023) 
  • Gary Webb, Director of Maintenance and Operations – Secretary/Treasurer (Term ends May 2022) 


The JPA is established for the purposes of administering this Agreement, pursuant to the joint exercise of powers provisions of the Government Code; performing all functions necessary for the operation and maintenance of the Center; providing a forum for the development and implementation of mutually beneficial methods of accomplishing these purposes.

The functions of the JPA are:

  • To provide oversight of scheduling, management, operations, maintenance and all other aspects of successfully providing a facility for the use of the community during times when the Center is not required for School District purposes;
  • To enter into contracts.
  • To procure insurance in the form and amount, to be determined by the Board of Directors
  • To acquire, hold, and dispose of property, real and personal, by any means, to employ personnel all for the accomplishment purposes of this Agreement.
  • To incur debts, liabilities, and obligations necessary to accomplish the purposes of this Agreement.
  • To receive gifts, contributions, and donations of property, funds, services, and other forms of assistance from any lawful source including but not limited to person, firms, associations, corporations and governmental entities.
  • To invest surplus funds as deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors.
  • To sue and be sued in the name of the JPA.
  • To perform such other functions as may be necessary or appropriate to carry out the Agreement, so long as other functions so performed are not prohibited by any provision of law.