Street Sweeping

Street Sweeping is a vital operation under the Solid Waste Division. Street sweeper trucks are highly specialized to clean surfaces and remove dirt and toxins from our streets; hence street sweeping is the best method to prevent water pollution. The City's street sweeper cleans our heavily used streets every week and services residential and commercial street areas. To enforce this important action, the City has installed parking signs in highly needed streets and throughout the City.

To view the street sweeping schedule see the link below:

Street sweeper driver waving from truck


Benefits of Street Sweeper Parking Signs:
  • Allow the City's Street Sweeper do its job to maintain your streets clean
  • Prevent water pollution when dirt and toxins are removed from streets. This prevents waste from entering storm drains therefore preventing contaminating our rivers, lakes, wetlands and beaches.
  • Parking signs inform residents when to park off the streets on street cleaning days.
Street cleaning....working together to create a clean and beautiful Watsonville!
Street Sweeper Logo: I can sweep on recycle day. Please help by parking off street.