Current Public Works construction projects and long-term Public Works planning projects are accessible from the sidebar menu on the left. Please click through to see information on everything the Public Works engineering staff is currently working on. 

Click the image below to visit our interactive dashboard with information on current and upcoming Public Works Capital Improvement Projects (CIP). Note that the dashboard is best viewed on a full screen and is not currently optimized for mobile viewing. 

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Public Review - Upcoming Initial Study Postings

The Public Works and Utility Department's Engineering Division provides Capital Improvement Project design and management. It prepares studies, budgets, agreements, and Public Works construction documents; it administers consultant contracts, and public works grants and maintains technical documents such as Standard Details, maintains city-wide maps, documents on City's roadway system, sanitary sewer systems, storm drain system, and curb ramps. Below are links to upcoming Public Works projects, CEQA initial studies, or EIR documents currently available for public review and comment:

Final Public Notice - City of Watsonville Wastewater Treatment Facility Project Santa Cruz County, California HMGP-4482-781-008

Final Public Notice Canal at East Lake and Bridge Street Santa Cruz County, California DR4683CA 00766/PN 710207

Upcoming CalTrans Projects

Caltrans is committed to making numerous road improvements in our area over the next ten years. They will be doing public outreach and will be accepting public comments during the various phases of their projects. For a single-page summary of these projects, download this factsheet. Read on to learn more about one of the projects.

Project No. 05-1P110 Integrating Complete Streets infrastructure and components along state route within the City of Watsonville

  • This project includes a road diet on Main St. (State Route 152) which is a reduction of the number of travel lanes for Main Street from four to three with a center running left-turn lane and one travel lane in each direction. The project was presented to council by staff in September 2022 and they approved Resolution No. 195-22 in support of the project.
  •  This project is part of the Caltrans State Highway Operation and Protection Program (SHOPP). CalTrans adopted a Complete Streets Policy for all new transportation projects it funds or oversees to ensure they include “Complete Street” features that provide safe and accessible options for people walking, biking, and taking transit.
  • This policy is intended to expand the availability of sustainable transportation options to help meet the state’s climate, health, and equity goals.
  • CalTrans held a public meeting for this project on October 6, 2022.
  • For more information on the meeting, download the presentation slides or view a recording of the meeting in English and Spanish.
  • For questions on this project, please contact Heidi Borders, Caltrans Project Manager/Gerente de Proyectos

Upcoming Pajaro Valley Water Management Agency Projects

The Pajaro Valley Water Management Agency (PV Water) is a state-chartered water management district formed to efficiently and economically manage existing and supplemental water supplies to prevent further increase in and to accomplish continuing reduction of, long-term overdrafts. PV Water also works to provide and ensure sufficient water supplies for present and future anticipated needs within its boundaries, generally the greater coastal Pajaro Valley. 

PV Water is preparing to embark on the College Lake Integrated Resource Management Project. This project will develop facilities to use the lake water as an alternative to groundwater for agricultural irrigation. To do this, the project would increase the storage capacity of the lake to approximately 1,700 acre-feet. On average, the project will supply approximately 1,800 to 2,300 acre-feet of water per year to growers in the Pajaro Valley. Please click here to learn more about this exciting project.