Literacy Center

Opportunity to Read

Know anyone who wants to improve their literacy?

Basic Reading on Monday & Wednesdays (9-11am)
Basic Grammar on Tuesdays & Thursdays (9-11am)
Focus Group on Tuesday night (6-8pm)
► One on one tutoring through distance learning is also available. 

For more information call 831-768-3410 or email sheila.mitchell AT OR esperanza.gutierrez AT


California Library Literacy Services, 1-888-SOS-READ (1-888-767-7323), is a program of the California State Library. It provides information about local programs for both learners and tutors.


The Watsonville Public Library has a program to help people who want to learn to read and write. The program is called "Opportunity to Read." Volunteers are trained to work one-to-one with a person who wants to improve their literacy skills.

The literacy program is located next to the Main Library at 275 Main Street Please stop by and talk with the staff about becoming a volunteer, tutor, or a learner.

Opportunity to Read received national accreditation on 2004-03-23, from ProLiteracy America, a division of ProLiteracy Worldwide.

The focus and benefits of the Opportunity to Read program:


  • Learn to read better!
  • Learn to write better!
  • It can be easier with help.
    • You will have your own tutor.
    • You will work at your own pace.
    • You will gain confidence and self-esteem.
  • It's worthwhile
    • Learning to read and write can change your life.
    • You can do what you set your mind to do.
  • We will help you.

Join the Watsonville Public LIbrary Literacy Program: "Opportunity to Read"

Increase your personal abilities to take control of your life. Help us to offer everyone in our community the opportunity to read. Call 768-3410 for more information.


Become a Literacy Tutor today!  
1 out of 5 adults cannot read this sentence. 
Together we can change that!

  • It's Easy
    • We will provide the free training that you need to become an effective tutor.
    • It only takes a commitment of a few hours a week.
  • It's Gratifying
    • Teaching an adult to read can be a very satisfying experience.
    • It can be rewarding for both the tutor and the learner.
  • It's Worthwhile
    • Reading changes the lives of both the tutor and the learner.
    • You can help make that change, now!
    • Share the wealth of reading

Join the Watsonville Public Library Literacy Program: "Opportunity to Read"

Help us to offer everyone in our community the opportunity to read.
Call 768-3410 for more information.