Stormwater Program

Help Prevent Stormwater Pollution

To report a clogged storm drain, a sewer overflow, or pollution like illegal dumping in waterways: Call Customer Service at 768-3133 or email Customer Service.
The City's storm drain system is designed to prevent floods and only rain water should flow through them. When water flows out of our yards, down driveways, out parking lots and into the storm drains, it makes its way through the environment, untreated. Storm drains are not connected to the sewer system; instead they drain directly into our waterways. In Watsonville our storm drains lead to our local wetlands, creeks and the Pajaro River, which eventually enter the Monterey Bay and wash onto our beaches.
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We strive to inform our residents, businesses and new developers about the impacts of stormwater pollution and the best practices to prevent it. Dedicated Public Works staff is always exploring ways to promote the health and safety of our residents by guiding, regulating, and controlling the quality of water that runs off from our City into the surrounding environment.