Energy Conservation

Just 93 million miles outside the City of Watsonville there is a source of free energy. Every day the sun bathes each square yard of our planet with 3,440 million, trillion photons of light. Those photons are packed full of energy. 

In 2011, Public Works staff decided it was time the City took advantage of this amazing energy resource. Using $3 million from a Federal New Clean Renewable Energy Bond, the City has installed solar panels at three city facilities. Solar panels already cover the roof of the old City Hall. More panels have been installed at the Wastewater Recycling Facility off West Beach and will be installed at the corporation yard on Harvest Drive. By July of 2011 the City began generating over 850,000 kWh of solar energy. During the first year alone, the project is expected to reduce the city's energy costs by $292,000. Over their 25 year lifespan, the panels are expected to save the city almost $4 million. 

To view our current energy savings, click on the graphic, click on the selected location you wish to view, right click on the "see dash board," then select "open link in new window."
Solar Panel