Roache Well and Pump Station

The City owns and operates a total of 14 groundwater wells, with an average age of over 50 years old. A few of these wells are over 65 years old and nearing the end of their useful life. Due to the age of these wells, the City needed to identify additional well sites to supplement existing sources and maintain our water system’s high level of reliability.

The City property at Roache Road and Airport Boulevard was identified as a viable location for new Well No. 4. This project will occur in two phases, the first is drilling and developing the new well, and the second phase installing a pump station to treat the water and pump it to the City’s existing distribution system.

New Well 4 and Pump Station

Project Updates

November 1, 2021: Phase 1 of the Project, drilling and developing the new well, was completed in late July 2021. The contractor was Maggiora Brothers Drilling, and the total contract amount was $620,000. The pump station is in the late stages of design and is expected to bid in early Spring 2022, with construction continuing into late 2022/early 2023.