What Should You Do During a Flood?

If your property is in imminent danger of flooding, please contact P.G. and E at 800-743-5000 to request that your power and natural gas be shut off, or for guidance on how to do it yourself. This number may also be contacted regarding any other electrical or natural gas emergencies.

  • Tune-in to local commercial radio or television stations for Watch and Warning Bulletins and any corresponding emergency instructions. The City of Watsonville Emergency Operations 831-768-3038 will order or advise evacuations if conditions warrant this action. If evacuations are called for, it is imperative that you follow instructions in the time frame noted.
Questions regarding emergency procedures may be addressed to The City of Watsonville Emergency Operations 831-768-3038. Santa Cruz County Office of Emergency Services at 831-458-7150, and the American Red Cross Chapter at 831-462-2881.

  • If dangerous flooding conditions are imminent, avoid driving a vehicle if possible. Do not attempt to drive or wade through deep pockets of water or running washes. Unstable banks should be avoided.
  • Develop an evacuation plan for your family.
  • Avoid low-lying areas. Seek shelter in the highest areas possible.