The Solid Waste Division maintains the City-owned landfill. The City's landfill is nearing capacity. At our current disposal rate, we expect the landfill to last until about 2018 before it needs to be closed. Closing the landfill will be costly. Our vision is to preserve the life of the landfill as long as possible to serve the needs of our residents.

Landfill life depends on many variables, such as the amount of waste generated and how much is recycled or diverted to other facilities, our ability to compact trash, and the volume of soil and other materials used to cover the trash. Our goal is to extend the life of the landfill as long as possible by increasing residential and commercial recycling rates, diverting waste to other facilities and minimizing the amount of trash that we bury.

Before the landfill is full, the City of Watsonville will determine the best strategy for managing waste after the landfill reaches capacity.

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