Pharmaceuticals and Sharps Disposal Program

The City of Watsonville provides a convenient system to collect used needles and lancets (often referred to collectively as “sharps”) and unwanted pharmaceutical medication. Properly handling items such as unwanted pills, liquid medication, and needles is important for home safety, the protection of employees, and the environment.

Medications and needle disposal programs are available to all residents of the Watsonville. For more information about this program visit Med Project Watsonville 

Medications or personal care products such as pills, liquids or creams, should not be flushed down the toilet or placed in the trash where they are accessible to children or animals. See the video on this in English, en español

Needles should never be placed in a recycling cart, flushed down the toilet, or discarded separately or loosely. To properly dispose of sharps, place them in a dedicated, approved, red sharps container and drop off the full container at one of the MED Project Locations. These red sharps containers are available at a very nominal fee in 1-quart, 5-quart, and 2-gallon sizes at all pharmacies. See our video on this in English, en español. You may also request a sharps mail-back package by visiting MED-Project or calling (844) MED-PROJECT (633-7765). 

Find Watsonville locations for safe disposal of needles and meds here: MED-Project 

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