By Issue

Issue Phone Number Email
Business License 831-768-3050 Email Business License
Code Enforcement Complaint 831-768-3050 Email Code Enforcement Complaint
Festivals/Events 831-768-3240 Email Festivals/Events
Garbage/Recycling/Waste Reduction 831-768-3133 Email Garbage/Recycling/Waste Reduction
Graffiti 831-768-3133 Email Graffiti
Library Board of Trustees 831-768-3406 Email Library Board of Trustees
Mayor’s Office 831-768-3008 Email Mayor's Office
Parking 831-768-3010 Email Parking Issues
Parks and Recreation Commission 831-768-3240 Email Parks & Recreation Commission
Permits 831-768-3050 Email Permits
Personnel Commission 831-768-3020 Email Personnel Commission
Planning Commission 831-768-3050 Email Planning Commission
Report Pollution 831-768-3100 Email Report Pollution
Traffic/Roads/Sidewalks 831-768-3100 Email Traffic/Roads/Sidewalks
Water/Sewer/Rebates 831-768-3133 Email Water/Sewer/Rebates
Website Issue or Feedback 831-768-3010 Email Website Issues or feedback
I am not sure 831-768-3010 Email all other issues

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